Rare Robot LLC builds great iOS apps for clients in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We are specialists in all phases of iPad and iPhone development, custom user interface development, and the development of back-end web-based APIs and databases. See below some of the apps that we have created for national brands and small startups. If you are interested in our services, please get in touch.

Makr iPad App


Makr, an iPad based creativity tool which allows a user to easily create invitations, cards, stickers, business cards, and other printed material based on an extensive set of professionally designed templates. Makr features a custom UI, a Ruby/Grape/Postgres based API with local Core Data cache and data syncing across devices, extensive graphic manipulation using Core Graphics with vector and raster images, Dropbox and Amazon S3 integration, and a flexible and extensible architecture to ease implementation of new features and which ensures efficient use of devices resources for this graphics heavy app.

Editor's Choice selection in the app store when first released in November, 2013.

Martha Stewart CraftStudio

Martha Stewart CraftStudio

Martha Stewart CraftStudio, an iPad app for Callaway Digital Arts, a digital agency in NYC and San Francisco. This app allows users to create paper crafts such as greeting cards using a variety of creative tools.

Editor's Choice selection in the app store when first released in June, 2012.


Clothia Closet & Stylist

Clothia Closet & Stylist, an iPad app for Clothia Inc. a fashion technology startup based in NYC. This app allows users to create “Looks” which are collages of fashion items which users can share with friends and post on a companion website. Clothia makes use of RestKit for JSON feeds, Core Data, and sports a custom UI.

Fast Company United States of Design

Fast Company's United States of Design

Fast Company’s United States of Design, an iPad app for Fast Company magazine which is a companion app for the annual October design issue which highlighted 76 American made products. This app was built with a custom UI, Core Data, remote data loading using JSON, audio and video playback, and a unique tool used to combine camera images with product images.

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